This information was generated by running pytuber show --help from the command line.

Usage: pytuber show [OPTIONS] ID

  Show a playlist track list.

  --mime  How to push the playlist manually
  --help  Show this message and exit.
Sample output
       ID:  34a94a5
    Title:  My loved tracks
     Type:  user_loved_tracks
Arguments:  username: Zaratoustre, limit: 200
   Synced:  -
 Uploaded:  -

No    Artist                                           Track Name                                                     Youtube
----  -----------------------------------------------  ------------------------------------------------------------  ---------
0     Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats            I Need Never Get Old (Official Music Video)                       ✔
1     Lordi                                            Hard Rock Hallelujah                                              ✔
2     Placebo                                          The Bitter End                                                    ✔
3     KALEO                                            Way Down We Go (Official Video)                                   ✔
4     Βασίλης Παπακωνσταντίνου                         Οι ψυχές και οι αγάπες                                            ✔
5     Iron Maiden                                      The Trooper                                                       ✔
6     Kansas                                           Carry On Wayward Son (Audio)                                      ✔
7     Beatles                                          Let It Be [1970]                                                  ✔
8     Chris Stapleton                                  Tennessee Whiskey (Audio)                                         ✔
9     Jefferson Airplane                               Somebody to love                                                  ✔
10    Dream On                                         Aerosmith                                                         ✔